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Wishlist Wednesday – Tarte Holiday Sets 2016

Wishlist Wednesday – Tarte Holiday Sets 2016

With throngs of holidays sets being released by brands each week, I can’t help but lust over some of them. After experiencing sub-par, mediocre workmanship in this holiday collection last year, I’ve been skeptical to purchase any holiday sets thus far. I’ve been brainwashed into thinking the items are made in bulk on the other side of the world to save costs because they know people NEED to buy gifts for their loved ones. I know all items are made in bulk in factories all over the world, but hey, I’m trying to change my perception.

I’ve seen so many gorgeous new releases but it was these ones from Tarte that took my breath away.

Color Vibes Amazonian Clay Eyeshadow palette – $46

Containing a whopping 20 shades, this is one sexy holiday palette. The neutrals are screaming my name and I’m living for the shades Mosaic, a rich copper shimmer and A Beautiful Degas, a deep rose gold matte.

Tarte Holiday 2016 - Tarte Holiday 2016 - Tarte Holiday 2016 - tarte-holiday-2016-eyeshadow-05

Sculpted Cheeks Deluxe Amazonian Clay Blush Set & Brush – $35

I have the shade Tipsy, a stunning coral shade. At first I didn’t like the formula and I’m not sure why (I’ve had it for over a year) but I recently began using it again and it’s grown on me. The pigmentation is amazing and the longevity lives up to it’s claims. I’d really love to add a few other shades to my collection and these ones are right up my alley, perfect for my tan complexion.

Tarte Holiday 2016 - Tarte Holiday 2016 - Tarte Holiday 2016 -

Limitless Lippies Deluxe Tartiest Creamy Matte Lip Paint Set – $42

I haven’t tried any Tarte lippies before and with a color selection like that? With a matte finish? Yes please. It comes in two separate boxes in case you’d like to gift some away.

tarte-holiday-2016-lippies-01 tarte-holiday-2016-lippies-02 tarte-holiday-2016-lippies-03

Tartiest Toolbox Brush Set & Magnetic palette – $44

I’m not really a fan of dual-ended brushes purely because I don’t know how to store them without the other end getting damaged. Also when I wash the brushes I’m not sure which way to tilt it for the water to run away from the bristles. I am purely invested in getting the multi-use complexion brush and the magnetic palette.

Tarte Holiday 2016 - Tarte Holiday 2016 - Tarte Holiday 2016 -

Whilst I cannot comment on the quality of these items, the packaging alone makes me giddy. So if you’d like to sponsor me a gift, send me an email so I can forward you my delivery address lol.

All items are available on the Tarte website. You get free international shipping if you spend more than R1 242 (it was previously R1 700) and you get the items via DHL in less than 2 weeks.

So what are you adding to your wishlist?

*Images sourced from the Tarte Cosmetics website