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Wishlist Wednesday – Zahra Beauty Lipstick Tower

Wishlist Wednesday – Zahra Beauty Lipstick Tower

A beautiful mess. That’s how I would describe my current lipstick situation. Tubes of lipstick and gloss stacked against each other, as I slide the drawer open slowly, praying none of them fall over. Will this really be my every day struggle? How much longer can I endure this? Enter the Zahra Beauty Lipstick Tower.


Zahra Beauty Lipstick Tower

Again one of my many Instagram finds (oh the gorgeous stuff I encounter all the time *swoon*), this lipstick stand is perfect for lippie lovers. It can hold up to 81 tubes, and because of the way it is stacked upwards, it doesn’t occupy much vanity space. The base spins effortlessly so each side of lipsticks is easily accessible. It can be ordered with an extra bit of sparkle by ticking the ‘bling’ box when ordering. It basically just a row of diamantes on the edging so nothing too fancy.


If you’re like me and love to sort items accordingly, each side of the Zahra Beauty Lipstick Tower can be organised with 18 lippies according to product, shade, finish and brand depending on your preference. The lipsticks can also be stored upside down so in the case of MAC and Gerard Cosmetic bullets, the shade I’m looking for can be found in seconds. Right now, I’m manually having to check each tube individually to find the colour I am looking for.


I have also seen a sneak peek of what’s to come as an addition to the current design of the Zahra Beauty Lipstick Tower. The top tier mirror finish, with motif stickers in each corner, which can be tilted upwards so that you can apply your lipstick up close and personal. The mirror, house in a beautiful frame, can also be detached and used to store other products on.


Now what is there not to love about this piece of storage? Let me tell you why I didn’t punched in my credit card details the minute I saw it. The Zahra Beauty Lipstick Tower retails at a whopping $99 excluding shipping. To South Africa, it adds an extra $61 for shipping via USPS Priority Mail. That’s a total of $160 (R1916) and here in SA we still have to pay customs duties when it arrives, sometimes 50% of the product value. In my opinion that’s definitely a waste and surely not worth it.

I’ve decided to rather instead opt for purchasing the 24 lipstick trapezoids I’ve found on eBay from China. I paid R155 ($13) for 6 units and while not a smidge as glamorous as the Zahra Beauty Lipstick Tower, it will suffice for my needs and will be able to hold 144 tubes. I’m a lover of beautiful things but sometimes we’ve just got to be realistic right. Nevertheless, this item is definitely going on to my wishlist because a who’s to say a girl can’t dream?


How do you organise your lipsticks? Would you purchase a Zahra Beauty Lipstick Tower?


Belle BluSHH <3

* Images sourced off the Zahra Beauty Store website and Instagram page